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Admin is another one of those tasks where there is inevitably ebb and flow. Outsourcing allows you to adjust your finances depending on your needs at the time, and again it gives you a flexibility that hiring employees simply doesn’t.

My-Assistant Travel Arrangements

Travel Management

      Making travel arrangements for your business trip or personal vacation can take a lot of time.  my-assistant can handle it all, down to the very last detail.       If travel forms an essential part of your

Cost for a VA My-Assistant

Diary Management

Effective diary management can be a huge help, and it can be a real time saver when outsourced. Essentially, your whole schedule can be completely outsourced and managed by someone else, leaving you free to get stuck into your day-to-day

My-Assistant Event planning and co-ordination

Event Planning

Need to organise a company function, product launch, business lunch, fundraiser or conference, my-assistant can help you arrange it. Sourcing venues, planning and execution of events/functions. Event co-ordination and budget planning. Conferences and networking functions can take a lot out of

My-Assistant Research Assistance


  Some industries rely heavily on research, such as those in marketing or finance. However, research is one of those tasks that you only need every so often. As a result, it can be tough to invest in full-time staff

My-Assistant Social Media and marketing management

Social Media and Marketing

my-assistant can help with the ever changing demands of the social media world and your marketing needs, leaving you free to concentrate on more pressing areas of your business:- Design – assisting with social media campaigns, creating memes and basic invite/poster

Mission Statement

my-assistant’s aim is to provide businesses and individuals with top quality administrative support, dependably and cost effectively, and ultimately having a clear and positive impact on the overall performance of the business.   my-assistant has  highly motivated individuals with proven skills in the most demanding context and as a result, not only can the work be completed quicker, but also the work is done to the highest standard.

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Professional Service

“I am a business consultant spending a lot of my time out the office and at customer sites. This makes it extremely difficult to keep on top of my admin and, before My-assistant, I had to spend a lot of my chargeable time doing admin work myself. Instead of employing a full time assistant which I could not justify, My-assistant has changed my life. They are there when I need them, at a known rate and excellent standard of service for a wide range of activities: travel, filing, research, correspondence….. you name it. They have certainly helped me achieve the Continue Reading

Gary Weineck Anjere Business Solutions KZN 07/11/2017