Let’s face it, there isn’t an entrepreneur on this earth that wouldn’t want to cut down the time they have to spend managing their email on a daily basis.

Nowadays, email has become the go-to source of communication. Some of us have learned to handle it in ways that don’t stunt our productivity, and some of us haven’t.

Setting Up Your Email for a Virtual Assistant [VA] to Manage It For You

To get started on bringing some order to your inbox chaos, you need to be set you up properly, so that means cloud mail.

Getting set-up with Gmail will immediately give you the ability to access your email no matter where you are or what country you are in. This is fantastic if you’re traveling and need to access your email away from your usual devices, for whatever reason. You can also have your domain-based email forwarded to your Gmail address. Either way, you’re instantly on your way to email freedom by doing this one simple thing.

Giving Your Virtual Assistant Access to Your Email

Now, before you start having heart palpitations, breathe. To achieve email freedom, you’re going to have to do this.

You have a couple of options here. You can either:

  1. a) Share your username and password, or
  2. b) Once your Gmail is set-up, under your account settings look for the section that says “Grant access to your account”.

Once your VA has access to your inbox, you need to spend a little time walking them through your ‘personal’ style, when it comes to your inbox, for example you can implement a “one click” rule (see below Rules). This means that when an email is received you can only do one of the following things:

  • Reply
  • Delete
  • Archive

This allows your VA to clear your messages quickly and efficiently.

Rules – You Need to Make Your Own Rules for your VA

It’s about figuring out who will do what. Sit down and look at the bulk of the email you’ve received over a period of a few days, you can then figure out what emails you personally want to handle and which ones you want your VA to take care of for you. Another thing that your VA can do is to make sure to clear your inbox at the same time everyday. This means that when you check my email (which is normally when you begin your work day), you will know for a FACT that he/she’s been in there to do his/her thing! This allows you to get on and do YOUR thing, without the clutter.

Additional Email Cleaning Tips for Your VA to Follow

Along with everything else above, you can also get your virtual assistant adhering to the following guidelines to put your outsourced email management into overdrive:

  1. Gmail’s ‘Starring’ Feature.
  2. Utilise Labels within Gmail.
  3. Set-up Automatic Filters.
  4. The Power to Delete at will.

Here are some graphics hacks that can reduce the amount of time you spend on your emails:-


Once you have put these steps in place, the time you spend on your email will be significantly reduced.  Remember, email is a tool – not something that should control your day. So remember to practice some of these hacks and guaranteed you’ll be spending more time on the things that really matter, both business and personal related.

Being a productive entrepreneur is one thing – but, being a productive father, mother, husband, wife, mentor, coach, boss… whatever… is even better!

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