When working out the true costs of hiring a VA, the client benefits by having a more qualified,experienced professional on hand.  Once the math is done, it more often comes out cheaper as you are only paying for the hours worked!

I sit with every prospective client and work out what support you need.  Based on that, I make a proposal on the projected number of hours.

There are no surprises!! All work will be pre-approved by the client.

Our rates and packages are:-

Pay as you go – you only pay for the hours that we work on your project. This is perfect for the first time users engaging the services of a virtual assistant and is a great way to make sure that a virtual assistant is right for you.

Retainer Package– If you know that you will require a certain number of hours to complete a project on a monthly basis, or you will require us to assist you with a task at short notice, then this package is for you. A retainer allows us to secure a certain amount of time for you and your business during the month. Clients on a retainer  don’t have to worry about spiralling costs as extra time can be added, when required.

Getting Value for your Money!!