My-Assistant Social Media and marketing managementI can help with the ever changing demands of social media as well as your marketing needs, leaving you free to concentrate on more pressing areas of your business:-

  • Design – assisting with social media campaigns, creating memes and basic invite/poster designs.
  • Website management – updating content and keeping information current and fresh. 
  • Social media management – we can put together your social media plan for the month/year.  Run a contest or event and schedule posts for upcoming launches (before, during and after).
  • Communication – drafting communication, creating content and sending out direct mailing campaigns.
  • General marketing – upload videos to your blog, Youtube and Facebook, edit & upload podcasts, uploading, scheduling or sending your weekly newsletter and putting together a newsletter sequence for new subscribers.
  • I can source and purchase products and services, research and find gifts and process orders from your website.