Why People perceive VA's as expensiveHiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) may seem scary and huge for you, and often VA’s are considered to be expensive for small businesses, but hiring a VA can be fun – you will feel less stressed, confident and hopeful for the future, AND it is a much better alternative for start ups who need to outsource work, but can’t afford a full time assistant.

So you ask me what are the benefits of hiring a VA?  Here are just a few reasons why you should be considering a freelance assistant:-

NO SALARYokay so an hourly fee or retainer makes you nervous – I know – but compared to paying a salary, PAYE, UIF, benefits, 13thcheque, etc you will see that it actually is cheaper to hire a VA than a full time employee.
KNOWLEDGEA VA does more than just diary appointments.  Your VA can be your right hand if you take the time to let her into your daily workflow schedule and share your vision.  Remember your VA will provide you with excellent service as he/she is selling their brand.
EXPERTISE & SKILLS VA’s need to keep abreast of industry changes and they are constantly updating their skills, so you don’t need to provide skills training, but you still get to pick the best of the best.
SHINE–  Who doesn’t like to sparkle?  Delegate what you don’t enjoy doing or are not good at doing, and concentrate on what you are good at! This will make you much more productive, which in turn will help you grow your business successfully.
NO AGENCY FEESHiring a VA means you don’t have to pay HR consultation fees to help you find the right applicant. If it doesn’t work out with your VA, you can terminate the contract, whereas with a full time employee, termination will more than likely prove to be a costly exercise for your business.
NO OVERHEADS, NO CAPITAL OUTLAYisn’t this just the best news to any entrepreneur’s ears? You don’t have to provide a laptop or office space for your VA, as most VA’s work from a home office, therefore no initial outlay costs or having to find space and desk for your assistant.

So, as you can see the pros far outweigh the cons of hiring a VA!  As one would say this is a win win situation. My-Assistant is here to help make your life easier – contact us and we will help you find the balance in life!

why are VA's considered expensive


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Why People Perceive Hiring a VA As Being Expensive?

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