So what exactly is a virtual assistant?
”Virtual assistants are independent contractors who support multiple clients in a variety of industries by providing administrative, creative, and technical services, from a remote location, usually their home or office.” A virtual assistant works closely with you, and steps in when you are feeling weighed down by administrative tasks that just don’t get done! And, if you are wishing you could afford full-time assistance, but you just don’t have the cash right now – help is at hand as all the above can be solved by engaging the services of a Virtual Assistant.

What are the benefits of working with a virtual assistant?
  • It will cost less to work with a Virtual Assistant than a full-time assistant:
    • She is hired only for the hours that you need her – usually a 10 hour a month contract is the starting point.
  • You don’t need to manage a Virtual Assistant:
    • Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs in their own right;
    • VirtualAssistants manage their own time and work to a mutually agreed deadline date.
  • You get a highly trained professional when you work with a Virtual Assistant:
    • VA’s constantly update their skills in order to offer their clients the best service possible;
    • They are also prepared to learn new skills if you work on a system, software, etc. that they are not familiar with.
  • So you’re a very private person!  Perfect, because Virtual Assistants work from their own homes or offices!
    • You don’t have to find an extra computer, desk or chair.

And you won’t have to rent extra space for your assistant.

Who does the virtual assistant work with?

VA’s work with solo entrepreneurs who think big, supporting you across the board with various administrative, creative and technical tasks so that you can live a balanced life and have more free time to do the things you would like to do.

So, what can a virtual assistant do for me?

By engaging my services, you will finally have time to grow your own business, or spend time with your family or even take that much-needed holiday!  I will help you to clear your desk of those jobs that you’ve been putting off for so long, and once clear, take over the routine day-to-day tasks and projects so that you can focus on the more important things. Just think how great it would feel to sit at your desk and not worry about that “to-do list”.

For more information on my services offered,  check out my Services and Package page.

Why would I hire an assistant who is potentially not situated in my office or in close proximity to my business?

When you work with a virtual assistant you get a partner and not an employee. You get someone who chooses to work with you, as much as you choose to work with them.

People work with virtual assistants because:

  • They don’t have the space for someone else in the office or don’t want someone else in their office;
  • They don’t have the equipment needed and also don’t want to buy the equipment for someone else to use;
  • Don’t want the associated work and cost of having an employee, e.g.: managing an employee, monthly payroll, or having to pay someone else to administer your payroll, holiday, and illness benefits, and you also won’t have to pay someone to train them in new skills.

How do I know you are actually doing the work/assignments/tasks that I give you?

A VA’s goal is to create more time for you and making sure that they have a happy client. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that VA’s will make sure that you are satisfied with their services and that together we achieve the assignment/task deadlines agreed upon.  Furthermore, whenever you need it, you can be sure that your VA’s solid and dependable performance will ensure that you have ongoing support.  Ultimately, you will learn to trust a VA to take care of your business as if it were my own. VA’s also use time tracker tools – i.e. toggl – to record the actual hours worked on a project/task.

How much does it cost to work with a virtual assistant?

When you work with a virtual assistant, you don’t pay for downtime, or time not spent specifically working on what you most need, you pay for 100% productive time!! This is not a service that is meant to be a cheap alternative to hiring an employee – it is a convenient alternative!

I don’t really understand how I can work remotely with a Virtual Assistant; could you explain the process?

As communication is vital to both of our success of an effective and sustainable relationship, so we have a few ways of keeping in touch:

  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams
  • Instant messaging
  • SMS
  • Conference calls

For document transfers VA’s use collaborative online programs such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • One Drive

Initially, VA’s will be in contact with you perhaps twice, or even three times a week, but as they get to know your business and you become more comfortable working with them, communication will be on a weekly basis by e-mail or telephone.  The principal thing to remember is that we need to form a collaborative relationship and that, as in any partnership, requires strong and good communication.

I’m still not sure whether it will work for me?

Can you afford not to work with a Virtual Assistant?  Just think about it, what would it mean to you to have someone take over those tasks which keep piling up on your desk?

However, partnering successfully with a Virtual Assistant you will need to:

  • Be prepared to delegate and trust that the task gets done;
  • Be on hand to respond timeously to any questions and/or queries she/he may have;
  • Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things;
  • Recognise that a Virtual Assistant is a partner, not an employee; and know how to use email, Skype chat, and/or instant messaging to communicate effectively.