We sit with every prospective client and work out what support you need and, based on that, make a proposal based on the projected number of hours and a standard hourly rate. Our proposal will consider regular monthly work eg 10 hours per month to complete specified tasks for a set period, according to your requirements. At any time, the client may require ad hoc work e.g .assistance with a particular event, and we will prepare a proposal / quote for this. 

There are no surprises – all work will be pre-approved by the client.  

Getting Value for my Money!

So without speaking to you about the tasks you would like a virtual assistant to help you with, this is a difficult question to answer. My-Assistant is available to support you with short or long term projects with a clear start and end date. For example, you might be planning an event and need an Assistant to help find a venue, handle guest registration and catering liaison, or you may just need someone to “fine tune” a PowerPoint presentation, edit your blogs, set up an direct marketing campaign or database, so each project will be unique.  After our initial discussion, we will then submit a proposal tailored just for you in which we create a support plan and detail the costs.