So what does a social media manager do – in short “a lot!”.

Not only do they curate brands through social media channels, but they also do a whole lot more, such as:-

  1. Monitor, moderate, interact with audiences.
  2. Manage social media partnerships with other brands
  3. Strategise and execute digital marketing campaigns and gather and analyse data – note which content performing best.
  4. Understand Social Media Platforms
  5. Good writing skills
  6. Stay atop of emerging trends and techs
  7. Creative and design images.

Did you know that there are Several types of Social Media Managers as well?

  1. SEO Minded Social Media Manager – focused keywords and search engine optimisation. Goals are using social media as bigger strategy/analytical data trend decision makers.
  2. Advertising Social Media Manager – focused creating and executing campaigns – beware cold minimise presence on SM.
  3. Social Butterfly Social Media Manager – younger person who has used social media for personal use so understands from a consumer point of view and not necessarily from marketing background. They spend a lot of time replying on social media.
  4. PR Social Media Manager – focused on no slip ups and mistakes that make you unmarketable (AKA Jerry Maguire) .  They are focused on reputation management.
  5. Content Wizard Social Media Manager – young and fairly new position in the market. They create great content for SEO’s and branding that matches your audience.
  6. Scientific Social Media Manager – every decision is off post results and trends and think metrics and data.
  7. Purebred Social Media Manager – rare to find and are groomed for the position.  Help build a business around your brand.  They are normally young and have some form of IT education.  Know how to create content that will connect with your audience and go beyond the norm.

Which social media manager are you looking for?  A scientific social media manager, content wizard manager, or a combination of a few of these seven types? 

Let us know in the comments.


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